We Keep Venomous Snakes Out.



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Does snake proofing keep all snakes out?

Snake Proofing keeps 98% venomous rattlesnakes away from your home or business. This is the most effective way to keep your family safe from outside critters. It may cost a little bit, but much cheaper than trying to keep your pet or family member alive.

What is the cost for snake proofing?

EVERYBODY WANTS TO KNOW WHAT THE PRICE OF SNAKE PROOFING IS. The cost for snake proofing is based on the size of property that we are snake proofing, current supply costs, and labor hours to complete the project. We only give in person estimates, so our snake proofing professional can advise you what you need to keep your family safe. Don’t forget about the multiple discounts we offer!

What materials are used for snake proofing?

We use materials that are 100% eco-friendly, child-friendly and pet friendly. We are also 100% HOA compliant. 

The material we use for snake proofing is a 2’, 3’ up to 5’ stainless steel mesh wire that is virtually see-through with holes of a ¼ inch in diameter which is what is called for to keep out tiny venomous rattlesnakes. (If you can put a pencil through it, a baby rattlesnake can get through.)

How long will it take to snake proof my yard or business property?

The time it takes to snake proof a yard or business depends upon the size of property that we are snake proofing and any challenges that we have to overcome.