We Keep Venomous Snakes Out.

Snake FAQ

Snake FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through frequently asked questions about snakes in Arizona and learn some cool snake facts! Contact us for more information.

Does Snake Proofing Keep Out All Snakes?

No, it only keeps out the dangerous and venomous snakes like rattlesnakes.

What is the cost for snake proofing?

The cost for snake proofing depends on materials and hours needed to complete the project.

What Materials Do You Use for Snake Proofing?

We use products that are 100% eco-friendly, child friendly and pet friendly. We are also 100% HOA compliant. 

The material we use for snake proofing is 100% see through, yet, will keep snakes away from your family and pets.

How long does it take to snake proof a yard?

It depends on the size of the yard how much materials being used.

What Should I Do While I Am Waiting For You To Arrive to Remove a Snake?

People are advised to remain calm, keep an eye on the snake, so when we arrive, we can safely remove the snake.