We Keep Venomous Snakes Out.

Snake Proofing

Snake Proofing

AZ Snake Proofing, Fence Restoration and Painting Provides Snake-Proof Barrier Installation, Fence Restoration and Repair Services to the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Never try to remove a snake on your own. Maintain a safe distance and call us at (480) 331-8090. Please make sure you keep an eye on the snake after you call us so that we can safely locate and remove the snake upon arrival.

AZ Snake Proofing, Fence Restoration and Painting can help protect you, your family, and pets from venomous snakes by installing steel mesh snake barrier fencing. We also want to help protect businesses that experience encounters with venomous snakes.

We provide the most effective and affordable snake proofing in your community. Contact us today!

We are an emergency service and continue to work every day for your snake removal and snake proofing needs. We practice safe COVID-19 CDC guidelines regarding social distancing to maintain a safe environment between you and us while we work to keep your family and pets safe.

Winter is the best time of year to have snake proofing done!

Mesh Snake Fencing to Prevent Snakes from Entering Home or Office in Phoenix

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20% Discount For COVID-19 Front-Line Workers

We appreciate your hard work that keeps us safe here in Arizona. Please contact us for more details.

AZ Snake Proofing, Fence Restoration and Painting installs steel mesh snake proof barriers to prevent snakes from entering your yard, home, or business. Do you have a fence that needs to be painted or restored? Please let us know when you send us your snake proofing estimate request! We provide these services throughout the valley.

Effective Snake Fences Must:

  • Surround the complete perimeter of the property.
  • Be flush with the ground or in the ground.
  • Be Composed of steel mesh material.
  • Be unable to be climbed.