We Keep Venomous Snakes Out.

Snake Removal

Snake Removal

Snake Removal services in the East Valley and surrounding areas - $99 Per Incident

AZ Snake Proofing provides 24/7 emergency snake removal service to the East Valley and surrounding areas. DO NOT tamper with or attempt to remove a snake on your own. We do not use chemicals and we strongly advise against it as it creates additional danger to you, your family, pets and to someone else’s pet. Contact us immediately and let a trained snake expert remove the snake for you.

Contact us directly using the emergency button on the home page of our website or the button shown below. Please feel free to text your full name, complete address, telephone number, and include a gate code when applicable to (480) 331-8090.

Want to avoid future encounters with venomous snakes in your yard or business property? We can help with that too! We offer snake proofing in the Phoenix and surrounding areas! Visit our home page and click the button to schedule an estimate! Do you have a metal fence that needs painted or restored? Please let us know when you request your snake proofing estimate, that you would also like an estimate to restore your existing metal fence! 

Snake Removal Emergency

Remove Venomous Snake from Phoenix Yard

Snakes in Arizona

Venomous Snakes

  • Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
  • Sonoran Sidewinder
  • Speckled Rattlesnake
  • Black-tailed Rattlesnake
  • Mojave Rattlesnake
  • Tiger Rattlesnake
  • Sonoran Coralsnake

Non Venomous Snakes

  • Sonoran Gophersnake
  • Desert Nightsnake
  • California Kingsnake

Common, but Harmless, Snakes

  • Glossy Snake
  • Sonoran Whipsnake
  • Coachwhip
  • Shovel-Nosed Snake
  • Regal Ring-Necked Snake
  • Longnose Snake
  • Patchnose Snake
  • Sonoran Groundsnake
  • Black-Headed Snake
  • Lyresnake
  • Black-Necked Gartersnake
  • Wandering Gartersnake