We Keep Venomous Snakes Out.

Snake Removal

Snake Removal

Snake Removal Services in the Phoenix Area- $99

AZ Snake Proofing  provides all of the  Phoenix Metro area with venomous & non-venomous snake removal without harming the snake.

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coiled snake on the ground with tongue out

Snakes in Arizona

Venomous Snakes

  • Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
  • Sonoran Sidewinder
  • Speckled Rattlesnake
  • Black-tailed Rattlesnake
  • Mojave Rattlesnake
  • Tiger Rattlesnake
  • Sonoran Coralsnake

Non Venomous Snakes

  • Sonoran Gophersnake
  • Desert Nightsnake
  • California Kingsnake

Common, but Harmless, Snakes

  • Glossy Snake
  • Sonoran Whipsnake
  • Coachwhip
  • Shovel-Nosed Snake
  • Regal Ring-Necked Snake
  • Longnose Snake
  • Patchnose Snake
  • Sonoran Groundsnake
  • Black-Headed Snake
  • Lyresnake
  • Black-Necked Gartersnake
  • Wandering Gartersnake