We Keep Venomous Snakes Out.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who Is AZ Snake Proofing

AZ Snake Proofing was founded and is dedicated to providing affordable efficient solutions for protecting families and communities…and your furry family members. We service residential and commercial properties. 

Our primary concern is your safety. Please DO NOT attempt to remove or kill a snake you discover in your home, yard, or business. Using these methods increase the danger to your family, pets, and yourself. 

We provide services to the Phoenix and surrounding areas. We work every day to protect people from all types of snakes. We provide services such as snake proof barriers, (the installation of steel mesh fencing), inspections, repairs to existing snake proof fencing, and education about how to keep your family and pets safe from venomous snakes. 

Our unsurpassed reputation for quality products and services, years of experience with snakes, and habitat reduction make us the first call when a snake is sited. 

Our snake proof methods are the most effective and affordable in your community. We will be there to protect your family and pets when you are unable to be. The safety of your family, pets, and you, are our number one concern 

For your convenience, we have provided a link on our home page to request a snake proofing estimate. If you are looking for more information, would like to schedule an estimate or discuss more options, contact us.